Clover offers a wide variety of customizable point-of-sale (POS) and payment tools. That flexibility makes it popular in several market areas, including e-commerce, retail, and service organizations, and table or counter service restaurants. It also means Clover's technology stack can handle not just POS but also ancillary tasks, like gift card creation, invoicing, mobile app integration, and online ordering.

During the pandemic, Clover pivoted its solutions to better suit the realities of the day. Clover customers can now accept payment anywhere even without a POS device, thanks to a multifunction virtual terminal that runs on mobile devices. There are also systems for enabling delivery or curbside pickup and contactless payments such as 'scan to order' solutions in restaurants and retail stores.


Clover Go

Take your business to your customers, whether at the local farmer’s market or a client’s job site. The Go app and portable credit card reader are easy to use and give you the power of a full POS anywhere you have Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

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