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POS Systems for Retail Businesses

The POS system for retail that enhances operational efficiency

Clover POS empowers retail businesses with efficient transaction processing, inventory management, and insightful analytics to optimize operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive growth.

Inventory Management

Clover Station offers powerful inventory management tools that track and organize business inventory, receive low-stock alerts, and automate purchase orders, ensuring optimal stock levels and preventing stockouts.

Analytics and Reporting

With Clover POS system, retailers can access detailed sales reports, customer insights, and performance analytics, enabling them to make data-driven decisions, identify trends, and optimize their operations for increased profitability.

Integrate with Third-Party Apps

Clover Stations support seamless integration with a wide range of third-party applications and services. Retailers can connect with accounting software, e-commerce platforms, and other business tools, streamlining workflows and enhancing operational efficiency.


Streamline Transactions with Clover POS System for Retail

Clover Stations offer a robust point of sale (POS) system that simplifies transaction processing. Retailers can accept various payment methods, including credit cards, mobile payments, and contactless payments, ensuring seamless and convenient transactions for customers.

  • Full-Featured Point of Sale (POS) System: The Clover Register plan provides a comprehensive POS solution with advanced functionalities such as transaction processing, inventory management, employee management, and order tracking, allowing businesses to efficiently manage their operations.
  • Payment Processing Flexibility: With Clover Register, businesses can accept a wide range of payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, contactless payments, and mobile wallets. The system supports secure EMV chip card transactions, reducing the risk of fraudulent activities.
  • Employee Management and Time Clock: The Clover Register plan offers features for managing employee shifts, tracking hours worked, and processing payroll. It helps businesses streamline their workforce management and ensure accurate payroll calculations.
  • Integration Capabilities: Clover Register seamlessly integrates with a variety of third-party apps and services, including accounting software, loyalty programs, and e-commerce platforms. This integration enables businesses to extend the functionality of their POS system and enhance their overall operations.
  • Customer Engagement Tools: The Clover Register plan includes features for customer engagement, such as loyalty programs, gift cards, and customer feedback collection. These tools help businesses build customer loyalty, encourage repeat visits, and gather valuable insights for improving customer experiences.

POS Systems for Restaurants

Clover POS empowers restaurant businesses with efficient order management, customizable menus, and integrated payment processing, enabling seamless operations, improved customer experiences, and increased profitability.

Payment Kiosk + Clover Flex

Our seamless solution combines three leading-edge components. The Samsung KM24A Kiosk, designed specifically for self-service environments, offers enterprise-grade durability to withstand years of restaurant use. Nanonation, a top provider of interactive kiosk solutions, provides the software that powers the kiosk. Plus, the heart of the solution lies in your existing Clover POS system, eliminating the need to recreate menus or manage content and prices across multiple systems.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of the Ordering Kiosk, tailored to enhance your restaurant experience while maintaining synchronization with your Clover POS system.

  • Seamlessly Integrated
  • Pulls menu and pricing data from the customers existing Clover account
  • Clover Flex as a payment terminal
  • Easy To Setup & Manage
  • Automatically will sync with Clover menu price changes and item removals
  • Easy-to-use web portal for managing kiosk
  • Expert Designed User Interface
  • Designed for speed and easy management
  • Samsung 3-Year Onsite Service Warranty
  • Requires Counter Service or Table Service Restaurant Software
  • Kiosk Bundle
  • Samsung KM24A Kiosk
  • 80mm Thermal Printer
  • ENS Mount for Flex 2 Terminal
  • Preloaded with Nanonation Software
  • 3-Year Samsung Onsite Service
  • Clover Flex
  • Kiosk Stand
  • Freestanding and can be bolted into the floor

Clover Mini

Clover Mini, the compact yet powerful point-of-sale (POS) solution designed to revolutionize the way businesses operate. With its sleek and intuitive design, Clover Mini delivers a seamless payment experience while offering a wide range of features to enhance efficiency and drive growth. From accepting multiple payment methods, including credit cards, mobile payments, and contactless transactions, to managing inventory, generating detailed reports, and even engaging customers with loyalty programs, Clover Mini empowers businesses to streamline operations, improve customer satisfaction, and take their success to new heights. With its robust capabilities and user-friendly interface, Clover Mini is the perfect companion for businesses seeking a reliable and versatile POS solution.

  • Portable and Compact: Take the Clover Mini anywhere for on-the-go sales.
  • All-in-One Solution: Accept a variety of payment methods, including credit and debit cards, contactless payments, and mobile wallets.
  • Built-in Barcode Scanner: Efficiently scan products for quick and seamless transactions.
  • Intuitive Touchscreen Display: Easily navigate with a nearly 6-inch touchscreen.
  • Long Battery Life: Enjoy uninterrupted sales with a battery supporting at least 8 hours of usage.
  • Versatile Connectivity: Stay connected with Wi-Fi or optional 3G/4G data.
  • Advanced Security: Protect customer data and prevent fraud for enhanced security.
  • Customizable Apps: Tailor the Clover Mini to suit your business needs.
  • Real-Time Reporting: Gain valuable insights into real-time sales performance and trends
  • Seamless Integrations: Integrate the Clover Mini with other essential business tools.
  • Dedicated Support: Rely on Clover's dependable customer service for assistance and support.

Payments: Accepts chip, swipe, and contactless payments including Apple Pay®, Google Pay® and Samsung Pay®
Screen: 8.0" IPS HD Display color touchscreen
Connectivity: WiFi and LTE
Operating System: Android 10.x, multilanguage support usage support
Receipts: Built-in thermal dot printer and can email or text digital receipt
Security Certification: PCI PTS 6.X
Dimensions (L x W x H) in cm: 10.7 cm x 21cm x 17cm
Theft Protection: Mounting screws in Base, Kensington Slot

Clover Station Duo

Unlock the full potential of your business with the Clover Station Duo, Canada's most robust and powerful point-of-sale station. This innovative solution takes smart terminals to new heights, offering unparalleled capabilities that make it effortless to provide rewards, gather essential information, maintain order accuracy, and accept a wide array of mobile payment options. With its exceptional speed, personalized features, and robust security measures, the Clover Station Duo empowers you to run your business like a pro.

  • Powerful and Robust: Experience the most powerful and robust point-of-sale station with the Clover Station Duo.
  • All-in-One Solution: Accept a wide range of payment methods, including credit and debit cards, contactless payments, and mobile wallets.
  • Enhanced Order Accuracy: Ensure precise order processing with advanced features to minimize errors.
  • Intuitive Touchscreen Display: Navigate effortlessly with a user-friendly and intuitive touchscreen interface.
  • Fast and Secure Transactions: Enjoy speedy and secure transaction processing for seamless customer experiences.
  • Flexible Connectivity: Stay connected via reliable Wi-Fi or optional 3G/4G data connectivity.
  • Advanced Security Measures: Safeguard customer data and protect against fraud with advanced security features.
  • Customizable Functionality: Tailor the Clover Station Duo to fit your business requirements with customizable apps and features.
  • Real-Time Reporting and Insights: Access real-time sales data and gain valuable insights into your business performance.
  • Seamless Integrations: Integrate the Clover Station Duo with other business tools and services for enhanced productivity.
  • Dedicated Customer Support: Count on dedicated customer support from Clover to assist you whenever needed.
  • Dedicated 7” customer-facing display for improved order accuracy, customer engagement, loyalty program facilitation, and more.
  • High-resolution 14” merchant-facing screen that’s fixed in place
  • Matching Station Printer hardwired to a single hub
  • One power supply with one IP address
  • Customer display is durable and thoughtful, built with strengthened glass which includes anti-fingerprint and anti-microbial coating
  • Fully integrated EMV/NFC payment acceptance and integrated fingerprint login for up to 50 employees.
  • Includes native 4G/LTE connectivity for additional reliability
  • State-of-the-art processor for increased transaction and app speeds
  • Compatibility with multiple peripherals sold by Clover and/or third parties
  • Shipped as one box from factory

Counter Service Restaurant Software

Efficiency is at the core of Clover's Counter Service Restaurant Software. Seamlessly manage orders, track inventory, and streamline payment processing all in one place. Take advantage of customizable menus and modifiers, allowing you to tailor your offerings to suit your establishment's unique offerings and customer preferences.

Clover's software empowers your staff to provide exceptional customer service. Utilize the intuitive order management system to quickly process orders, provide accurate wait time estimates, and deliver outstanding speed and accuracy to keep your guests satisfied. With real-time reporting and analytics, gain valuable insights into sales trends, popular menu items, and customer preferences to make data-driven decisions that drive your business forward.

  • 24/7 live support
  • Virtual Terminal included
  • Online Ordering
  • Access to Clover App Market
  • Integrate with barcode scanners, weight scales, and other accessories
  • Setup and automatically apply taxes at the item level
  • Advanced inventory management with variants and costs
  • Customer database & private feedback
  • Manage promotions, offer rewards programs, and sell gift cards
  • Manage your entire staff
  • Streamlined order management system
  • Customizable menus and modifiers
  • Inventory tracking and management
  • Integrated payment processing
  • Real-time reporting and analytics
  • Intuitive interface for easy staff training

Table Service Restaurant Software

Introducing Clover Table Service Restaurant Software Plan, a comprehensive solution designed to elevate your restaurant experience. With this powerful software, you can effortlessly manage your table service establishment, streamline order management, and provide exceptional guest experiences. Take advantage of features like simplified order-taking and customization, seamless split checks, and table transfers. Enhance convenience with tableside ordering and payment processing using handheld devices that empower your servers to provide efficient and personalized service. Gain valuable insights through real-time reporting and analytics, enabling you to optimize seating arrangements and analyze sales trends. Benefit from seamless integration with Clover's POS system, ensuring a unified workflow and expanded functionality through integrations. Deliver exceptional guest experiences with accurate wait time estimates, efficient service, and convenient options like split payments and seamless communication. Elevate your table service restaurant to new heights of success with the Clover Table Service Restaurant Software Plan.

  • 24/7 live support
  • Virtual Terminal included
  • Online Ordering
  • Access to Clover App Market
  • Integrate with barcode scanners, weight scales, and other accessories
  • Setup and automatically apply taxes at the item level
  • Advanced inventory management & itemized orders
  • Customer database & private feedback
  • Manage promotions, offer rewards programs, and sell gift cards
  • Online Ordering
  • Built a dynamic floor plan
  • Manage your entire staff
  • Pre-authorize bar tabs
  • Split bills
  • Customer engagement tools built directly into your POS

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